You are a happening church, or a new start-up, with a lot of great things going on in your weekend experiences.  People are coming through the doors of your church each week with an expectancy to connect with friends, worship in an exciting atmosphere and hear a message that hits deep in the heart.  You’re growing.

With that growth comes a few challenges…Expanding your staff, growing your worship team and finding leaders that will help take your congregation to a new level.  You also see the need to leverage technology better to achieve some key objectives: 1) Intelligibility in speaking (teaching), 2) Dynamic worship sound across the room, 3) Proper lighting that compliments the atmosphere you’re trying to create, and 4) Effective use of visual media (video projection, backgrounds, lyrics, music videos, etc.).

Or maybe your church is considering a remodel of the worship space, or a new building, and you won’t settle for anything but the best when it comes to designing and upgrading audio, video & lighting systems to better deliver the Gospel message to your congregation.

This is where David Bauer Creative comes in.  I can help you make decisions that are the right fit for your style, your congregation demographic, your vision & mission, and your budget.  I can provide the missing piece most churches miss out on when they need to make these critical and important decisions…experienced, objective direction.

You will benefit from having someone who has experience leading at the executive level in church worship & creative arts ministry for more than 20 years.  You need someone who understands first-hand what it’s like to be the lead artist on the stage leading a congregation in meaningful worship.  You will benefit from working with a professional musician who knows how to structure the band and design the stage. You also need a competent production director who gets all the techie and nerdy stuff that makes a dynamic worship event or production come together.

I enjoy helping churches, worship, and creative arts teams become more effective in what they do through strategic use of technology and team development.

Partnering with David Bauer Creative, you will benefit from over two decades of effective leadership and experience in creative worship ministry.  You will gain connections to other nationally-ranked professional audio/video/lighting/acoustics integrators and designers that share the same heart and passion for creative excellence as you do.

Are you ready to build something great in your church’s worship & creative arts ministry?  Are you ready to better understand and leverage the technology around you for the glory of God?  Your staff and volunteer teams will grow in their craft.  Your congregation will flourish in an environment that is presenting the Gospel message with excellence in technology.

David Bauer Creative is ready to help you build a greater worship ministry that is expanding the kingdom of God.

David Bauer thrives as a leader, creative artist and musician. His experiences continue to add dimension to his work and positive influence in the lives of people. He and his wife Gail currently live with their two daughters in the Phoenix, Arizona area.

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