August 08, 2010

Ted Bundy Interview with James Dobson

This video features original music underscore and sound design that David composed to an edited interview between Ted Bundy and James Dobson. What this demonstrates is David’s ability to compose for picture and design sound effects based on visual elements.  There was no other sound in the video beside the interview between Bunday and Dobson.

This particular video segment was shown during a weekend service at Christ’s Church of the Valley in a series called “Sex Drive” in 2007.  The source video was striped with SMPTE which was sent to a Mac on stage chasing time code.  This method gave the FOH engineer control over the live mix for the audience.

August 07, 2010

Time of Our Lives

CCV weekend service opener. Video footage of main screens as band vocals performed live in sync with video.

Video edited by Steve Murphy.
David Bauer – vocals and tracking, SMPTE timecode engineering.
CCV worship band

June 30, 2010


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May 26, 2010

Music Store

Inside the Music section, you will find many examples of David’s music. There are also several different ways to make his music your own.

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    • Wrapping up our audio install at withoutwallsaz today Love working
      5 hours ago by dbauercreative Wrapping up our audio install at  @withoutwallsaz  today. Love working with these guys and my buddy  @kolorphx  Jeff Watkins and their great team.  @lathebestsound  KARAi mains with  @allenandheath  dLive
    • So great to see sullyontour tonight in town with the
      2 days ago by dbauercreative So great to see  @sully_on_tour  tonight in town with the  @mandisaofficial  tour. Too bad we were missing  @robjswanson  in this photo.
    • A bunch of trouble here in Chandler And we added
      2 days ago by dbauercreative A bunch of trouble here in Chandler. And we added  @brandonjbagby  to the mix!
    • Hanging with my bros with the Mandisa crew today Always
      2 days ago by dbauercreative Hanging with my bro’s with the Mandisa crew today. Always a fun time with these dudes!
    • Today is a special day We had the honor of
      1 week ago by dbauercreative Today is a special day. We had the honor of baptizing these two precious girl’s and experience a beautiful and sacred moment in time together. I love them and am so thankful to be their daddy.  #prouddad   #baptism 
    • Enjoying da beach with da girls Missing Papa Dave
      2 weeks ago by dbauercreative Enjoying da beach with da girls. Missing Papa Dave & Gma Phyllis tho. Happy Saturday!
    • If you know this man you know that he is
      3 weeks ago by dbauercreative If you know this man, you know that he is the most giving, loving and Godly human being you’ll ever know. He is my strength, counsel and my confidant. He has walked with me and my family thru incredible seasons of change and challenge. I’m proud of who he is and proud to be his son. Here’s to many more years together. Happy birthday Dad...I love you!
    • Happy birthday to this amazing lady! Shes beautiful kind funny
      4 weeks ago by dbauercreative Happy birthday to this amazing lady! She’s beautiful, kind, funny, strong, smart, creative, loving, and most of all...tolerating of me. Glad I get to call her my wife and best friend. Happy birthday Gail! I love you always!



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