April 03, 2012

PraiseCharts Multi Tracks & Digital Performer

David Bauer walks thru the steps to set up and play Multi Track audio files available from PraiseCharts.com in Digital Performer audio production software. If you would like to see the full-screen video, please CLICK HERE to view the Tutorials page in David’s Media section.

March 21, 2011

Mountain Valley Worship

David Bauer leading worship recently at Mountain Valley Church in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Members of the Band included:
Ed Voras – Acoustic
Chris Hodges – Electric
Joe Schofield – Bass
Brian Lovins – Drums
Kelly Acridge – Vocals

January 25, 2011

Easter Cross Video Sequence

This was a song sequence we performed for Easter services at Christ’s Church of the Valley.  It demonstrates several pieces of creative elements that David engineered with the production team at CCV.

  • Underscore and sound design created by David Bauer around the song “Carry My Cross” as performed by Third Day.
  • Integration of pre-production multi-track audio performed in sync with live band and video content.
  • Video and audio synchronized via SMPTE timecode.  Video source was striped with SMPTE, which in turn fed on-stage Mac chasing time code providing 36 channels of audio and effects to the FOH mix.
  • This video represents what was shown on the main screens during the performance.  Secondary video content was shown on massive middle screen on stage.
  • The audio is a direct feed from the FOH mix during the live performance.

David Bauer – voice-over, script, live keys, programming, tracking and SMPTE integration
Andy Frank – vocals
CCV Worship Band

Footage modified from “The Passion of the Christ”

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