April 24, 2018

Is My Team Ready for Multi Tracks?

  If you’re considering using Multi Tracks with your worship team or live band, here’s a quick checklist to help you know if you’re ready.  David Bauer walks you thru some basic questions you should be able to answer YES to in order to use multi tracks effectively with your worship team or live band.


April 23, 2018

Multi Tracks for Worship – Overview

  If you are considering adding multi tracks to your worship experience, but haven’t pulled the trigger, this video will explain what is needed. David Bauer walks you through the basics of using multi tracks. You’ll learn what they are and what you need to make them work within your worship set up.


May 19, 2017

David Bauer Creative Promo

Ready to take your worship experience or live production to the next level?  David Bauer Creative can help you achieve the highest level of excellence, guiding you and your team to solutions that create unforgettable results.  Contact us today to get the process started! David@davidbauercreative.com

May 01, 2017

Time For A New Start?










Is your worship experience ready for a new start or refresh?

Your entire week, as a worship leader, pastor and tech guy points to that special 60-minute service you’re planning. What are you thinking about? Are there areas you wish you could refine, change or do better? How is your tech working with your music? And how is all that pointing people to a meaningful worship experience with God?

I know where you are. I’ve been there. And you’re not alone.

Sometimes worship and leadership teams need some tuning. Just like the instruments of an orchestra need to be tuned and maintained to function properly, our teams, tech and objectives need a fresh perspective to remain healthy.

Or maybe your church is considering a remodel of the worship space, or a new building, and you won’t settle for anything but the best when it comes to designing and upgrading audio, video & lighting systems to better deliver the Gospel message to your congregation.

This is where David Bauer Creative comes in. I can help you make decisions that are the right fit for your style, your congregation demographic, your vision & mission, and your budget. I can provide the missing piece most churches miss out on when they need to make these critical and important decisions…experienced, objective direction.

You will thrive connecting with someone who has experience leading at the executive level in church worship & creative arts ministry for more than 20 years. You need someone who understands first-hand what it’s like to be the lead artist on the stage leading a congregation in meaningful worship. You will benefit from working with a professional musician who knows how to structure the band and design the stage. You also need a competent production director who gets all the techie and nerdy stuff that makes a dynamic worship event or production come together.

Partnering with David Bauer Creative, you will benefit from over two decades of effective leadership and experience in creative worship ministry. You will gain connections to other nationally-ranked professional audio/video/lighting/acoustics integrators and designers that share the same heart and passion for creative excellence as you do.

Are you ready to build something great in your church’s worship & creative arts ministry? Are you ready to better understand and leverage the technology around you for the glory of God? Your staff and volunteer teams will grow in their craft. Your congregation will flourish in an environment that is presenting the Gospel message with excellence in technology.

Push the button. Let’s get started.


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      5 days ago by dbauercreative One of my final worship weekends at my church with a great song lineup. Excited to introduce a brand new song “Stand In Your Love” tomorrow. Kind of my theme right now.
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      2 weeks ago by dbauercreative Ok I’m digging this combo now... Gig Performer running Ravenscroft, Keyscape & Omnisphere for my live keys rig. Oh yeah!  #ravenscroftpianos   #omnisphere   #keyscape   #vilabsaudio   #spectrasonics   #gigperformer   #musicnerd 
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      3 weeks ago by dbauercreative Ok...I think I’ve just discovered my favorite grand piano sample library. Don’t wanna stop playing.  #ravenscroftpianos   #ravenscroft275   #vilabsaudio 
    • Another game this week with my dad Catching the broncos
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    • Dear spectrasonicsofficial we love you Omnisphere 25 is beautiful! Thank
      3 weeks ago by dbauercreative Dear  @spectrasonics_official , we love you. Omnisphere 2.5 is beautiful! Thank you.
    • Gonna be a fun couple days I love how God
      4 weeks ago by dbauercreative Gonna be a fun couple days. I love how God orchestrates and moves people and opportunities just at the right time. Excited for what’s next and enjoying what He’s doing now.
    • This book continues to captivate my soul Our churches do
      1 month ago by dbauercreative This book continues to captivate my soul... “Our churches do not lack relevance because they’re not cool or can’t relate to our culture. They lack relevance because God‘s presence is absent. Where praise happens, God comes and people get saved. God meets people where they are.” -Zach Neese “How To Worship a King”
    • New music coming! Be sure to follow me dbauercreative on
      1 month ago by dbauercreative New music coming! Be sure to follow me  @dbauercreative  on Instagram and https://facebook.com/davidbauermusic on Facebook for updates and announcements.
    • David Bauer Music website has been updated Beautifully arranged instrumental
      1 month ago by dbauercreative David Bauer Music website has been updated. Beautifully arranged instrumental worship music to accompany your times of solitude, reflection and devotions. Links and samples on the home page here: https://www.davidbauermusic.com/



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