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March 21, 2011

Mountain Valley Worship

David Bauer leading worship recently at Mountain Valley Church in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Members of the Band included:
Ed Voras – Acoustic
Chris Hodges – Electric
Joe Schofield – Bass
Brian Lovins – Drums
Kelly Acridge – Vocals

December 14, 2010

Our God – Live

Guest worship leading at Northside Christian Church in Fresno, CA recently.

I was invited to lead worship at this great church in Central California a few weeks ago.  The power of God was moving during our worship experience and this song played a part in bringing people in to the atmosphere of genuine worship.  The most meaningful moment was when I was able to get off mic and listen to the people sing out to God with one voice.  I love those moments.

Special thanks to pastor David Rutherford and the amazing team of people that I had the privilege of working with for that special weekend.

August 28, 2010

David Bauer Band Intro

David Bauer Band Intro for a weekend service at CCS in Scottsdale, AZ.

B Rehm-Gerdes (Lead Guitar), Martin Diamon (Drums), Ray Riendeau (Bass), Mark Dolin (Sax), David Bauer (Keys), Alex Momeyer (Keys)

August 27, 2010

Say So – Live

David Bauer and CCS Band

Lead Vocal – David Bauer
Drums – Martin Diamond
Bass – Ray Riendeau
Guitars – Mike Kaplan
Acoustic – Len Annesi
Sax – Mark Dolin
Keys – Alex Momeyer
Vocals – Mary Jones, Jen Ritzko

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