Does Anybody Hear Her

January 19, 2011

Does Anybody Hear Her


David performed this song live with his band in Scottsdale as part of a special presentation for Streetlight.  David orchestrated the track and engineered the SMPTE integration for the live performance with the band and vocals.  For more information about Streetlight visit www.streetlightphx.com/

David Bauer (Vocal/Piano), Ray Riendeau (Bass), Martin Diamond (Drums), Mark Dolin (Sax), Kim Steele (Guitar), Brent Eynon (Acoustic), Alex Momeyer (Keys)

Video produced by Gordo Flores

Song written by Mark Hall (Casting Crowns)
(c) 2005 Club Zoo Music (admin. by EMI Christian Music Publishing), SWECS Music (admin. by EMI Christian Music Publishing)

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